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More computer stations in the classroom for students without extra cost
Recognition-Fixed 1
Central server and easy management returns control to teachers
No extra IT support required for more computers (rugged enough for K-12 classrooms without risk of equipment breakage)
Students can use a broad range of applications - just like a PC
Students and teacher get the same PC experience (no need to learn new technology)
Immediate Teacher and Student Benefits
Wyse (DELL) provides educational institutions with advanced technology tools that enable them to create a quality learning environment. School districts with widespread thin-client implementations have found that students who have access to a digital learning environment are more stimulated, more motivated, and perform better academically. Wyse (DELL) makes learning and teaching enjoyable and affordable with smart, low-maintenance solutions to get students up to speed on their computer skills, help teachers deliver their curriculums in exciting new ways, and provide staff with easy access to centralized information.
Thin is Intelligent
Network Security
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